Twisted toffee – mint flavor 🤩




This product is fantastic!…A delicious mint flavor added to an already tasty treat… It reminds me of an after eight mint…nice, refreshing flavor…yum yum!!..But don’t let the taste fool you….its definately infused.  It’s a harder toffee, so sucking on it as opposed to chewing it fits away is recommended…also I find the effects begin quicker when eaten that way (slower)…this product, in my opinion, n most feed back recieved, is a very calming effect…best known for anxiety and sleep deprivation…however, this is not a guarantee, simply opinion of those who have tried it.

Please note: this is a 19+ adult friendly product…and is NOT suitable for children


Start with a piece the size of a loone and adjust your dosage accordingly, to what works best for you

Happy munching 😁

Please note:  these are a 19+ adult friendly product….and NOT suitable for children

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