Pink Rhino Flower


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Breeding the Strawberry Cough and White Rhino strains produce a Pink Rhino weed strain, which takes an Indica dominant strain profile. This marijuana strain has a pungent smell hence its name.

By appearance, the marijuana strain is appealing through the medium-large buds that produce dark glitter. There are signs of the white Rhino genes that pass the pink colouration. The strain has a good curative and calming effect on its users. The weed strain is easy to cultivate because it is not labour-intensive. The scent you get from the Pink Rhino marijuana strain is a distinct gassy odour that is aromatic and will fill the room as soon as you get it off the package. You will also get an earth-like scent coming off from the blunt.

The uniqueness of its effects is placing the Pink Rhino on a lane of its own because it is a hybrid strain with not so powerful effects. The light effects make it a suitable weed companion on movie nights or when attending a social friendly event during the holidays.

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