**NEW** Infused Chocolates


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Well…I’m happy to say, we’ve done it again!…taken tasty to a whole new level  =.)

Milk Chocolate – Simple, yet tasty.

Mint Leaves – White chocolate and/ or Milk/ and or Dark chocolate, combined with just the rite amount of mint flavor (light green color is the white chocolate version)….I can honestly say,  the After eight Mint chocolates have nothing on these tasty bad boys =.D…

Don’t let the taste fool you, start with a smaller amount (3-4 small pcs.), this will allow you to guage the amount that works best for you personally =.)

The feedback on these….Very nice buzz….works well for anxiety, as it gives that mellow comfortable feeling, also used as a sleep aid. Please note, this will not be the effects for everyone. This is simply what has been brought to my attention by others experiences…..We’d love to hear your feedback, especially if your experience differs from the ones I have noted. Feedback is ALWAYS helpful and greatly appreciated =.)

Please note: these are a 19+, ADULT FRIENDLY ONLY treats and are NOT suitable for children

Enjoy responsibly!


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Cinnimon Hearts, Milk Chocolate, Peppermint Leaves, The Sampler


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